An end to the fam's laziness against arms trade with Israel: “The cry for peace in Palestine continues”

Finish the family vagabond initiated ara fa dues setmanes by former CUP deputy Gabriela Serra, Llum Mascaray and Martí Olivella against arms trade in Israel, but not the rain to get the peace Palestine. This has been one of the main claims dels three veteran activists During the closing ceremony of the event, which took … Read more

Rueda entrusts himself to the war against nationalism and the PP machinery in Galicia to survive 18F

The Popular Party ends the electoral campaign in Galicia with more nervousness and concern than expected, even after the shock of July 23 that continues to fly over the game. Although the internal tracking of the PPdeG, stable since the pre-campaign, places them in 39 seats, according to authorized sources of the party, the published … Read more

Pontón appeals to the pride of the country to place a woman for the first time in the presidency of the Xunta

The BNG candidate for the presidency of the Xunta, Ana Pontonhas tired of saying in recent weeks, even before Rueda announced the advancement of the regional elections, that There are many ways to feel Galician and Galician. The statement seems obvious, but it may contain the key to the results of next Sunday's elections. The … Read more

The other neighborhood |

Last Friday, Feijóo issued a off the record before a large group of journalists, so many that the number itself invalidated the concept off the record, so that Feijóo's statements were, 48 hours later, the big news not only of last Sunday, but also of the Galician electoral campaign and – if no one does … Read more

Pontón and Besteiro make their coalition for the Xunta visible in the TVE debate to which Rueda has not dared to go

It is often said in football, to humiliate or annoy the rival, that whoever loses a semi-final will have to watch the final on TV. The PP has not confirmed whether Alfonso Ruedahis candidate for autonomous elections of Galicia next 18FI was watching at home the debate organized by Spanish Radio Television (RTVE) to which … Read more

The loss of a language after 15 years of PP governments in Galicia: “My friends speak better English than Galician”

Although Galician and Spanish have been co-official languages ​​for more than four decades, 23.9% of children under 15 years of age in Galicia he affirms not knowing how to speak Galician, practically one in four. In 2003 it was 17%. Isabel López is one of them. She attends a private school in A Coruña and … Read more

Ayuso, on her decision not to transfer the elderly to hospitals in the pandemic: “They were not saved anywhere”

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayusohas come out against criticism for his management of nursing homes during the pandemic with statements that will surely haunt him. “When an elderly person was seriously ill, with the covid, with the viral load that existed then, there was no place to save them,” Ayuso … Read more

PP and Vox repeal the Democratic Memory law of Aragon

The full Cortes of Aragon has repealed with the PP and Vox votes the Democratic Memory Law regional, the first that had been approved in the autonomous community, during the previous legislature. “Today I know begins to recognize all the victimswithout distinction,” said the PP spokesperson in the Chamber, Ana Marín, who has defended the … Read more

PSOE prioritizes purchases and Sumar, rentals: the Government revives its battle over housing policy

The Housing policy has been a long-buried dispute within the coalition Government that, with certain periodicity, emerges and provokes confrontations that show the differences between the two spaces that make up the Executive. The first battle for housing was fought more than four years ago, at the end of 2019, when the PSOE and Unidas … Read more